• added: destroy things for wooden beam, despawn "animation"
  • added: angular Velocity when splitting wooden beam
  • added: wooden beam only despawns if hit plate underneath it
  • bug fixed: endless collision from explosion with wooden beam
  • finished wooden beam stuff
  • started making wooden beams (weight supports) in corners
  • made it possible to have slanted wooden beams (before only straight ones): changed to vector calculations
  • added wooden beams to every room (on ceiling and so on)
  • bug fixed: weird hitboxes of falling wooden beams (like 10 times bigger than they should have ["should have" = "should've" and not "should of" *cringe*] been)
  • improved hanging chandelier hitbox
  • started: floating lamps
  • added: lamp despawn animation
  • finished floating lamps
  • bug fixed: when picking up e.g. a barrel and the barrel was destroyed while holding, cant pick up anything else


  • added: wodden beam
  • added: wooden beam destructible
  • bug fixed: wooden beam parenting when destroying
  • added: wooden beam damage


  • made list for multiply, automatic (yes multiply eats mana but manaleech -> ok i think)
  • changed: multiply first projectile is now invisible
  • changed how particles are spawned (before one script in Projectile would do everything, now different script for particles)
  • added manacost to follow
  • made lists for: follow,charge,multiply,automatic
  • changed back to no textures (because: 19 MB > 5 MB) and i constantly switch from laptop to pc and back...
  • when reloading dungeon, where there were chandeliers are now remains


  • added mod: follow for Fireball (not yet finished): while holding down shoot key Fireball follows the mouse and gets bigger+more damage
  • added mod: follow for Fireball (not yet finished): while holding down cast key Stone will get bigger+more dmg and stay in front of camera
  • "bug" fixed: homing, charge and follow werent calculating with the timescale
  • changed mod: multiply for Magic Missile: (was: spawn more projs), now: spawn more projs while holding cast key (max still persists, but now also: proj per sec and so on, also need timer for appearing, needs to rotate while holding usw.), mana continuous - dont use all your mana when you just need one projetile
  • new mod for Magic Missile: Automatic Missile: Hold down key to infinintely spawn projectiles


  • "bug fixed" (bad design changed): when jumping below ceiling you would float... changed that
  • bug fixed: barrel pickup (when barrel destroyed would bug out)
  • bug fixed: Interact Text was in menu - not anymore
  • bug fixed: couldnt catch arrows from traps
  • forgotten to change: running and carrying costs less dependent on Time Speed
  • improved: Notification Text (now moves down when a new Notification comes)
  • added: with perk, pickup spells and throw them back
  • added: can throw barrels when  releasing the barrel while moving the mouse
  • loadingscreen is there when loading (before was 1 frame without loadingscreen)
  • added new spell: "Time Slow": Slows time while you cast it
  • changed how time is slowed for new spell: "Time Slow"
  • menu time is now always 1 (finally i did this)
  • bug fixed: Level Up Cards are now centered
  • bug fixed maybe: ladders sometimes wouldnt do anything
  • changed: enemies dont trigger traps (player has to trigger them)


  • Added Projectile Traps (shoots arrows, spells)
  • Improved Interact Text: "Activate Chest" -> "[E] Activate Chest"
  • Added: Can Pickup Barrels throw them (Endurance Cost)
  • Added: Can Pickup Arrows and "throw" (shoot) them back
  • Added: Level Up Text when you Level Up (thanks Reddit user cameron21345)
  • Changed: Notification Text Smaller and move to upper left
  • Changed: Jump a bit less high


  • Chandelier is interactable, you can shoot the chain (or "e" on it)
  • Barrels + explosive Barrels
  • Again more Mana Regen


  • Double Mana Regen


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Jul 04, 2017

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