A downloadable game for Windows

This is a First Person Dungeon Game i made with UPBGE (Blender fork).


  • First Person
  • Randomly generated Dungeons
  • "Random" Enemies (Right now Different Enemies until Dungeon Lvl 10)
  • Items (But Gold currently doesn't work)
  • Magic
    • 5 Main Spells
      • Can Upgrade Main Spells with random Level Ups
    • 4 Secondary Spells
  • Random Level Up (Random Perks)
  • Lag probably

This is still an early version, i intend to add:

  • Textures for the Rooms
  • More Items
  • a Merchant
  • Better Flavor Text of the Skills
  • a Stats Screen
  • More Objects in the rooms like triggerable traps
  • Maybe more Attacks for Melee Enemies (Currently 2)
  • Some Secrets
  • Maybe 1 Boss


If you see any bugs please write in the comments or message me!

If there is a Message on the Screen that says: "There was an Error",
please send the error_log.txt (should be in the Game Folder) to me.

If there is something you would like to be different, (or if you think about upgrades for spells) please write it in the comments or message me, i'll write it down and think about it!

How to play:


  • First choose a Save Slot (It doesn't really matter which)
  • Then at the start choose 1 of 5 Main spells and then cast with Left Mouse
  • (You can change the Keybindings in the Options)
  • Move around with WASD
  • Look around with the Mouse
  • Go to Menu with Escape
  • The Game saves automatically (so you can't cheat with the random Level Ups)
  • Later you can assign different spells to the Left-,Middle- and Right Mouse in the Menu
  • Press TAB to change the Map Mode
  • Jump with Spacebar
  • Sprint with Left Shift
  • Dash with Left Shift and Spacebar
  • Walk around and shoot Enemies!
  • Go to the next Level in the Green Rooms on the Map with the Trapdoor

Less Detailed:

  • Move with WASD
  • Look around with the Mouse
  • Jump with Space
  • Sprint with Left Shift
  • Dash with Shift and Space
  • TAB to  change Map Mode
  • Go to the Menu with ESC
  • Go to the next Level in the Green Rooms on the Map with the Trapdoor

Spells + Upgrades

  • Fireball
    • Explosion
    • Embers
    • Detonation
    • Conflagration
    • Burn
  • Ice Spike
    • Pierce
    • Splinters
    • More Splinters
    • Slow
  • Lightning Bolt
    • Stun
    • Chain
    • Ricochet
    • Spark
    • More Sparks
    • Sparks Spark
  • Magic Missile
    • Multiply
    • Homing
    • Retarget
    • Manaleech
    • Confuse
  • Stone Bullet
    • Pierce
    • Snare
    • Reflect
    • Split
    • Stonework

  • Shield
    • Shield Orbs
    • Shield Regen
  • Time Field
  • Beam
  • Laser

Install instructions

Download "Leralasss.rar"

Extract to a new Folder (with WinRar/WinZip or some other program)

Start: "Leralasss_Start.exe"

Play Instructions in the Description of the Game Page.


Leralasss.rar 38 MB

Development log